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板橋凱撒大飯店(CESAR PARK BANQIAO)は、新北市都市型ビジネスエリアにある新北市都市エリア唯一のインターナショナルホテルです。「New City、New Concept、New Hotel」 の理念の下、当地の文化と融合して、これまでの枠を超えたホテルを創造しました。ホテルにはモダンなデザインの客室が400室あり、様々な設備が備わっておりますので、最高級のリラックス体験を提供いたします。

Sep 12 ,2016

2017凱撒(CAESAR PARK)萬華凱撒,板橋凱撒 まもなく輝かしい船出を迎えます。


Explore surroundings of our Hotel


  • 林家花園-新北市板橋区にあり、板橋林本源一族の為に建設された施設で、台湾に現存する数少ない造園建築です。1847年当時は、林本源一族にとっては北にある賃貸住居でしたが、林国華、林国芳兄弟が拡張して、林本源一族の住居としました。1977年林本源一族は庭園の一部を当時の台北県政府(現新北市政府)に寄贈し、1982年から市民が見学できるように開放しました。現在、林本源邸は文化部、内政部、観光局、及び新北市政府が共同責任で保護や改修工事を行っており、造園類二級国家史跡に認定されています。

  • 板橋435芸術文化特区-板橋435芸術文化特区は、感性芸術、体験芸術、実践芸術の公共空間を提供します。芸術と生活を密接にリンクさせるだけでなく、喜びと感動を創造します。またカリキュラムや展覧会を計画しており、楽しみながら学べます。

  • 板橋駅-板橋駅は、台湾新北市板橋区にあり、台湾鉄道、高速鉄道、メトロ板南線と環狀線などの停車駅で、交通の便がとても良いです。地下にはグルメ街があり、休日のお出かけスポットです。

  • 板橋大遠百(Mega City)-新北市新板特区にあり、ダイヤモンドを創作理念としております。日本人・黒川紀章の遺作です。ショッピングモールは4万坪の広さで、ここに来ると、ついつい衝動買いしてしまいそうです。

  • 湳雅夜市-新北市板橋区中心の南雅東路にあります。板橋観光夜市とも呼ばれ、新北市で最も規模が大きい観光夜市の一つです。スナック屋台が多くみられ、衣料品屋台や雑貨用品屋台もあります。近くには板橋駅と府中駅があり、台北メトロ板南線府中駅から歩いて7分です。

  • 新北市政府瞭望台-新北市政大楼は33階建てです。18,19番エレベーターに乗って32階の無料展望台まで行きます。板橋の有名なランドマークを観賞するのみならず、天候の良い時は、台北101や、新光摩天大楼、円山飯店、美麗華の観覧車等全台北の有名なランドマークが見渡せます。日中、夜と違った景色が楽しめます。

  • 府中15-板橋区県民大道にある「府中15新北市動画故事館」は、民国101年4月21日開幕後、新北市の新しい芸術文化のランドマークとなっており、市民の映画や芸術の拠点となっています!  府中15 の スポークスマン「一哥」と「五弟」が、市民の皆様が動画の不思議で楽しい世界へやってくるのをお待ちしております。

  • 新月橋-新北市の板橋と新莊2つのエリアを跨ぐ新月橋は、大漢溪両岸の自転車道路と連結しており、新北市市民に歩行と自転車運転の機会を提供しています。夜のライトアップされたデザインと美しい大漢溪の川辺の夜景以外にも、橋の両端が板橋435芸術文化特区と新莊老街へとつながっておりますので、週休二日のお休みを利用して、芸術、運動、グルメを兼ねた小旅行にお越しください。

August 2017, New Open.



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Guest Rooms 客室紹介 -
Banquet レストラン -
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房間 面積/坪 U シェイプ スクール シアター テーブル カクテル
1-1 33 36 48 100 8 48
1-2 33 36 48 100 8 48
1-3 98 - 130 230 26 230
1-4 84 - 110 200 20 200
1階フルホール 250 - 330 600 60 600
2-1 87 - 100 200 16 200
2-2 98 - 130 230 26 230
2-3 92 - 120 220 24 220
2-2、2-3 200 - 260 480 50 480
3-1 127 - 170 300 32 300
3-2 211 - 280 500 42 500
3階フルホール 300 - 460 850 80 850


Leisure facilities 施設案內 -


2017 Caesar Park Banqiao privacy policy

Caesar Park Banqiao takes the issue of safeguarding your privacy very seriously. We have developed this Privacy Policy because we recognize that many visitors to the Site are concerned about information they provide to us and how we treat that information.


What is Personal Information?

The term "Personal Information" refers to any information that can be used to identify you as an individual. It can include, among other things, your name, address, age, gender, personal financial history and social security number.


Why is Personal Information Collected?

1. To Provide Superior Customer Service to our Guests
Personal Information is collected to assist us in making your reservation and providing the services you request at any of our properties, to ensure we meet your needs while you are staying with us and/or to allow us to contact you in relation to matters that arise from your stay with us. By keeping certain stay related Personal Information on file, such as information regarding guest history and itemized spending, guests of Caesar Park Banqiao have the ability to confirm prior transactions and reconcile statements or invoices.

2. To Keep Our Guests Informed
We may use the Personal Information you provide to send you newsletters regarding our properties and to advise you of promotions or to inform you of offers or other information that may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive information from Caesar Park Banqiao you may indicate your wishes on your registration card when you stay with us or send an e-mail to: info_tpe@caesarpark.com.tw

3. For Marketing Research
Finally, we may wish to contact Guests to conduct surveys by receiving your views of our facilities and service delivery. Occasionally we will combine information from a number of Guests to better understand trends and Guest expectations. When this occurs, all identifiers are removed and the aggregate information cannot be linked to any specific Guests.


How is Personal Information Collected?

1. On Our Web Site

A. Initially Upon Contact With Our Web Site

When you visit our web site, you are initially given a "cookie", and your computer is assigned an ID number. A cookie is a commonly used device that tracks an individual user's preferences, and is capable of enhancing your visit to the site. Cookies allow us to provide a customized experience without the visitor having to remind us of his or her preferences each time she or he visits our site. Our cookies do not contain any personally identifying information. Caesar Park Banqiao cookies also do not follow visitors when traveling on the Internet after leaving the Caesar Park Banqiao web site.

If you do not want to accept cookies, you can block them by adjusting the settings on your Internet browser. Visitors should understand, however, that rejecting cookies will affect your ability to benefit from the conveniences afforded by the use of cookies, and you will not be able to use certain customization features associated with creating a user profile.

Once you have visited our web site and accepted our cookie, your ID number is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you visit our web site. Despite the fact that you remain anonymous until you enter Personal Information in the web site, the ID number allows us to log your session, so that we may better assist you should you need some individualized service or support. Once you enter Personal Information on the web site, we associate your ID number with your contact information so we can recognize you on a future visit. We also use it to keep track of information that appears to be of particular interest to you.

B. While Browsing Our Web Site

While in the process of browsing our web site, you also provide us with information that does not reveal your personal identity - what type of destination you're seeking information about, for example. We use this aggregated, anonymous data mainly for editorial purposes, but we do not connect it to any Personal Information, such as your name or address.
While you explore our web site for the information that interests you, you may wish to put in a specific "Information Request" about our hotel, or you may wish to participate in one of our on-line surveys or promotions. To respond to this request or to participate in our various programs, we may ask you for Personal Information, such as your name, zip/postal code, e-mail address, and phone number.

In the event you choose to provide us with this information, we will only use it for the purpose we have specified to you. We will only e-mail you if you want us to, and you can choose a number of alternate methods by which to receive a reply to a request. Your transmittal of your personal data shall constitute your acknowledgment and agreement to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy. If you are uncomfortable providing this information over the Internet, you can always call our Reservation Office for more details.

If you wish, you may also submit your e-mail address in order to be placed on a subscription list or to receive other information. You will be placed on these lists only when you indicate your desire to be included. In deciding whether or not to join such lists, please note that they are only used for internal purposes - we do not sell or rent our lists to anyone. In the event you choose to join one of our lists, you may ask to be removed from the list at any time. Visitors will always have the ability to accept or decline any form of communication from Caesar Park Banqiao.


2. When Making a Reservation

A. On Our Web Site

Visitors to taipei.caesarpark.com.tw who elect to make reservations online will be required to complete a reservation profile at the first time while making a reservation. When you create a reservation profile you will be asked to provide specific Personal Information, including your name, address and contact information, as well as certain guarantee and deposit information to secure your reservation, such as your credit card number. Your transmittal of your Personal Information shall constitute your acknowledgment and agreement to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy.

Due to the personal nature of the information you give when making a reservation through our web site, the reservation system is secure, such that your credit card number is protected with the most sophisticated encryption technology available and is transmitted on a private network.


3. During your stay at Caesar Park Banqiao

During your stay, we record your itemized spending to properly assemble your folio, which sets out your room rate and other expenses billed to your room. We also record this information to comply with financial reporting requirements, including those imposed by our auditors and government regulators. We may also collect certain information as required by local laws (e.g. passport number). Information particular to your stay may also be stored (i.e. health issues, payment difficulties, special requests, service issues). This stay specific information is stored in the property management system at the particular hotel where you stayed and is combined with information from previous visits that you have made to that hotel. You may advise the Hotel if you do not want personal preferences shared.

In addition, we may retain the content of any document (including letters, comment cards, questionnaires, electronic documents such as e-mails and other similar forms of communication) that you send us before, during or following your stay. This information may be shared with employees of the hotel but will not be shared with any third party.


4. Social network / Others


How do we store personal information?

1. At the Hotel
Our hotel goes to great measures to ensure that all Personal Information is kept in a secure location, be it a database or filing cabinet. Furthermore, we take steps to ensure that only designated individuals have access to this information.

2. In Our Guest Reservation System
In order to serve you better we also store certain guest information in our Guest Reservation System.

The stored information includes guest name, address, phone numbers, credit card number and other information, such as the number of stays you have and the number of nights of each stay. We may also store certain information regarding your service preferences.

3. In Our Marketing Database
We will use this information for marketing, promotion and research purposes only. We will not disclose or sell any customer's information to any external organizations. Guests will only receive such information if they have provided permission on the registration form, on the Caesar Park Banqiao web site, or in some other form. Any information sent provides a clear notice of how to discontinue receiving promotional materials.


How do I Revise my Personal Information?

If at any time you wish to update, access your Personal Information, you can contact us via e-mail at info_tpe@caesarpark.com.tw , or you may visit our web site at taipei.caesarpark.com.tw/


For additional questions regarding the law or if you feel we have not treated your Personal Information appropriately, you can contact us:

Caesar Park Banqiao

No. 38, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, 100, Taiwan


We'll be pleased to respond to any questions or concerns.

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