The Supplies for Borrowing



Dear guests, have you just realized that you forgot something? The hotel provides various items that keep your live entertaining free of charge after registration. During your stay, if there’s a need, you’re welcome to approach the counter receptionist on the first floor for getting the items after registration. Please remember to return these items before checking out of the hotel room.


  • Opening hours:24hr
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  • * Portable Power Bank/Wireless Charging Plate-Available for quickly charging mobile phones and tablet; transmission lines are also available.
    * Anion 3-in-1 Perm Wand-It’s heat-styling for curling long hair via 3 adjustment functions: wavy, straight and curly. Keep yourself beautiful and attractive during happy vacations!
    * Children’s Story Machines-With a built-in collection of 20 classic audio fairy tales along with 20 little books, it not only reads and tells stories but also sings kid’s songs to give children infinite pleasure during their stay! (Available in Chinese language only.)
    * Fun Board Game-Providing 8 kinds of board games that are ideal for family members, both adults and children as well as a group of friends to compete against one another! (Five Little Fish、Crazy Eggs、Twister、Dice Alias、Deckscape、Tapple、UNO、Monopoly)
    * Multi-Functional Foot Spa-With a microcomputer LED panel that sets up the constant temperature control, it can relieve foot fatigue.(It’s not suitable for kids or those people who are sensitive to heat.Women who are pregnant or people who have chronic diseases, heart disease, or abnormal health conditions, please consult your doctors before using the equipment.People who have wounds or cut, please do not use the equipment to avoid infection.)
    * Shoe Dryer -for drying shoes, socks, gloves, etc.
    * Selfie stick + Tripod
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