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  • Lotus Thai Cuisine<br/>

    Lotus Thai Cuisine

    In light of the immense success and popularity of the “Lotus Thai Cuisine” that was opened in April 2022 in Caesar Park Hotel Kenting, the restaurant will be replicated in Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao, marking the hotel's foray into the Thai cuisine market. The exquisitely designed, authentic gourmet delicacies are complemented by elegant, refined Thai bistro and bar service.

  • JIA YAN Chinese Restaurant

    JIA YAN Chinese Restaurant

    Featuring an extraordinary atmosphere of grace and antique, the Chinese restaurant offers the authentic Taiwanese food and banquet cuisine made by superb cooking skills, bringing guests a royal dining experience.

  • Carrara Restaurant

    Carrara Restaurant

    Carrara is full of coziness, energy and dishes made of fresh ingredients. It’s the perfect place for gatherings with family and friends, and for office workers to enjoy great food with colleagues.

  • Bar 98

    Bar 98

    Located in the corner of the lobby, the coffee shop features a modern fashion with the light softly penetrating the glass window. Coffee, light meals, and desserts are offered in the daytime; at night, the coffee shop becomes a lobby bar offering diverse choices and an extraordinary dining environment.

  • SKY 32

    SKY 32

    Closed from now on, we apologized for any inconvenience caused.
    The rooftop bar is a place where guests enjoys the charm of night. The rooftop bar offers a friendly and leisure atmosphere decorated with colorful light, making it unforgettable.

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